FoHSE A3i 1500W LED 100-277V


FoHSE A3i 1500W LED 100-277V

Brand: FoHSE 

Fixture Specifications:

Light Source: Samsung LEDs
PPF: 4,200 μMol/s
Dimming: 30%
Fixture Efficacy* (100% – 50% power)*: 3.8-3.0 μMol/J
Input power: 1500W
Input voltage: Options up to 480V
Fixture dimensions: 42.28L x 42.5W x 4H in
Weight: 70 lbs
Thermal management: Passive
Lens angle: 90°
CRI: 92
Control interface: Wall-mounted OLED panel
L90: 50,000 hours
Power supply rating: 100,000 hours
Certifications: ETL, IP67, CE
Communication protocol: RS485, 0-10V w/Converter,
or Ethernet w/Converter
Mounting: Universal Hanging


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