FOHSE F1V 1000W (277-480V) LED


FOHSE F1V 1000W (277-480V) LED

Brand: FoHSE 

The F1V form factor is a dual-purpose design. It utilizes passive cooling to keep the diodes operating at peak efficiency. It also disperses heat so efficiently that you’ll be able to bring your ambient room temperatures up, driving critical RuBisCO reactions closer to their full potential for increased carbon assimilation.

Light Source
Samsung LEDs
PPF 1,845 μMol/s
Dimming 30%
Fixture Efficacy* (100% – 50% power)*
2.99-3.10 μMol/J
Input power 616W
Input voltage
Options up to 480V
Fixture dimensions
42.0L x 46.5W x 4.6H in
Weight 38 lbs
Thermal management Passive
BTUs/ hour 2,047
Lens angle 100°
CRI 90
Control interface
Wall-mounted OLED panel
L90 50,000 hours
Power supply rating 100,000 hours
UL1598 Damp location & IP55, CE
Communication protocol
Universal Hanging


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